"I can honestly say this is the best course I have ever been on. The cost of the course was quickly recuperated from employing the negotiation techniques I had been taught and achieving very impressive results."

Colin Moore
Head of Global Order Management - Mothercare

"Absolutely brilliant - insightful with the right balance of theory v practical application - there will be bountiful opportunities to hit the 'higher' deal."

Julie Trewren
Senior Buyer Spirits & RTD's - Matthew Clark

"I have now engaged Scotwork personally in three different organisations where I have worked and on each occasion with great success. Introducing Scotwork into your organisation is not just about attending a training course, it's about embracing a whole new culture, language and way of working into your business to improve the overall effectiveness of people who are regularly involved in negotiations and ultimately driving better deals and incremental business."

David Ashmore
Business Delevelopment Director - Tectura

"Without a doubt, the best training course I have done. Not just a career enhancer but a life enhancer. Never again will you catch me 'elking'."

Alex Faust
Multinational Account Director - Microsoft Advertising

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Dirty Tricks – episodul 1

În discuțiile cu diferiți clienți sau cursanți, primim deseori întrebări legate de abordările recomandate în negociere. Și, nu de puține ori, interlocutorii noștri ne cer sfatul privind folosirea sau contracararea unor trucuri „neortodoxe”. Ultima astfel de discuție am purtat-o ieri, lucru care mă face să vă propun o serie de articole pe tema tehnicilor așa-zise „murdare” de negociere.

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